In his wŌrld

In his wŌrld

The space where Antonio Navarro moves is plural and diverse, his quets are wide and …, inside the intellectual universe surrounding him and makes possible for him get close, contemplate, touch, handle and transgress or take part with his poetic plastic and visual interventions.

The use of these elements, typical from an artist’s workshop, is no doubt where the colours and domestic items draw the artist, from a global perspective, where this Doctor carries out his visual proposals from an analytical point of view, trying to show us the diferent options and possibilities of a gestual life.

The balance between material and immaterial, fullness and emptyness, modern and traditional, life and death, body and soul and, especially, the journey from the earthly towards the spiritual, gets in Antonio’s works subtle scenes which convey emotions and magic statements and, therefore, no one comtemplating them from an humanistic and anthropologic view would be unmoved.

His graphic works, achieve plastic attributes sensitive to the chosen materials, using life’s universal prints as if it were a sanctuary, as an artistic ritual s present in our life since our early childhood.

Hence, we find ourselves from a deliberate storyline and a creative application, the achievement of inventing a new system of capturing the essential elements belonging to paintings in a print scheme and, from there apply the soul mysteries to the world’s plastic and visual resources created by Antonio resources of the plastic and visual world that Antonio Navarro creates.

Antonio Navarro