From soul depths to Ensō

Soul never thinks without an image(1)

This Project shows a wide range of references, result of the constant learning process of the world surrounding his artist, as well as the finding of new constructive elements of images, for instance “the carborundum”, making possible to build up images with visual references based on landscapes raised in the subconscious, akin to the universal visual experience that surrounds the author.

This work comes from the reflection of man’s soul and the transposition of reality into something essentially spiritual. Also, from human being’s evolution in times where reasoning has given way to brutality. Horizon is restricted though intensifying the dramatic sense of existence.   

Where maybe the only glimmer of sanity could be found in Art. This  quest of images aroused from the subconscious, are without any doubt the basis of the graphic work showed here, this personal self-reflection that undresses the author’s intuition about the reality that transpires around him and also the concerns about the destiny of humanity in a chaotic world.

A self-reflection about the author’s  inner landscapes, where the gesture becomes a global view of the artist’s universe that could be transferred to other viewers who, since a personal asceticism, share in silence.

I interpret artistic expression as a soul liberation, a syncretism with the universe.

Therefore, the connection of the work here exposed materializes with no doubt before Romanticism, the view by which humanity worships landscape and shows respect towards it. This emerges in the same way in Traditional Chinese (painted) Art, that provides a model to the artist,  through the knowledge of part of that culture stemming from his approach to Martial Arts, Taoism and Zen.

Antonio Navarro

[1] Aristóteles. Acerca del Alma. Gredos. 2000

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